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Personnel department



Axmedov Baxtiyor Yusupovich

Head of department

Tel:(+99891)275 59 55











- determines the needs of the Academy in personnel and staff recruitment in conjunction with the heads of departments;

- examines the number and composition of labor resources of the administration, faculties and departments of the Academy and develops proposals relating to its development;

- prepares the necessary documents of the teaching staff of the Academy for admission to work on a competitive basis, and also organizes the collection and analysis of information on vacancies, notifies through an advertisement in the newspaper.

- studies the quality of personnel (personal data), provides departments and departments with experienced, professional specialists who meet the requirements of modern times, leaders capable of leading a team who are capable of educating personnel. Examines the work activities of staff and draws attention to their timely career growth;

- to improve the quality of staff development, they develop and approve the “Exemplary nomenclature of staff increase with specialists with higher and specialized secondary education”;

- orders on the staff of the Academy: on admission to work, transfer to another job, granting of work leave, sending on a business trip, remuneration in the service and application of disciplinary measures to them, termination of the employment contract and execution of other situations in the work process;

- within its competence, organizes the regulation of the collective labor of the Academy;

- participation in the development of the internal labor order of the academy, discussion of collective agreements adopted at the general meeting, decision, study and holding of events dedicated to improving labor discipline and labor productivity;

- attracting new employees and young professionals for faster entry into the team.

Bo'lim xodimlari

Sharipova Nargiza Jumanazarovna


Tel:(+99893) 286 42 35

Karimova Dinara Ibragimovna


Salaeva Sadoqat O'ktamovna





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