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The Department of Social Sciences was established on July 16, 1992 as part of the Urgench branch of First Tashkent State Medical Institute, which was opened by order of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on February 28, 1992. The founder and head of the department was Professor First Tashkent State Medical Institute, Doctor of History M.Makhmudov.

The first building of the Urgench branch 1-ToshGosMI

The first to set up classes for only 1-2 students in the academic year because of history of Uzbekistan, Philosophy, Economic theory being taught. Later, the increasing number of students and courses for high ethics, aesthetics, learning of the Constitution, law, Cultural studies, Political science, Sociology, the idea of national independence, such as teaching the theory and practice of building a democratic society were established. In recent years, students in accordance to the requirements of the times, "Tax and taxation" and "Small business" of knowledge.

Head of the Department, Doctor of Historical Sciences, prof. M.M.Makhmudov with the founders of the branch (first from the left)

 In the early years of the department prof. M.Maxmudov, teachers R.Kurbanniyazova ,Q.Allabergenov,  X.Jumaniyazov,  M.Iskandarova, along with M.G'anieva, A.Xudoyqulov, D.Alimova and S.Xo'janiyozov worked there.

Khudaykulov Abdulla Khudaykulovich


Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

(Worked at the department 1992-2000)

In 2013-2015 years worked in the department prof. M.Mahmudov, Associate professor M.Iskandarova, senior teachers R.Q.Qurbonniyozova, Z.Q.Abidova, teachers N.A.Xudoyqulova, F.E.Atajonova, X.S.Xudoyberganov, Sh.B.Samanova, M.R.Rahimova, laboratory work E.A.Sxay.

The department was headed from 1992 - 2015, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor M. Mahmudov. During the years of his reign, a scientific school was created at the department, and under his leadership many scientific articles and monographs were published by teachers of the department. From the staff of the department M.I. Iskandarov, S.E. Samandarov, D.Sh.Olimov and S.U. Khojaniyazov conducted research and defended their dissertations.

From September 5, 2018, the department was transformed into “Social Sciences”, and until December 31, 2018, it was headed by senior lecturer N.A. Khudaykulova.

Currently, the department is staffed by D.Sc.(PhD) Z.K.Abidova, senior teachers R.K.Kurbanniyazova, N.A. Khudaykulova, F.E.Atajonova, M.R.Rakhimova, teachers Sh.B.Samanova, Kh.S.Hudabergenov and R.B.Ruzmetov. 



Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor.



Senior Lecturer, interim head of the department



Head of Department, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor



Senior Lecturer, interim head of the department



Head of Department, Doctor of Historical Sciences (PhD)

(from 3.01.2019 )

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